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Mentoring with Phil Hampton

Are you working hard but getting nowhere in the comic industry?

Are you finding it difficult to promote your talents and your work effectively?

Do you want to break through the barriers holding you back, and make a living in comics?

Working in the comic industry can be tough, whether you’re trying to break in for the first time, or even a seasoned pro.

Create the right material that will be attractive to a potential publisher and your future readership isn’t easy.  And that’s just the starting point.

The thing is, you may need to:

  • Know how to write a pitching letter or advertisement for a new project without engaging in ‘hard sell’ tactics.
  • Create a webcomic site or business website that shows off your work in its best light whilst also encouraging visitors to buy your stuff.
  • Balance your creative work with your other responsibilities so that you deliver your best work without it affecting your home life.

A mentoring session with Phil Hampton will show you how

Hi, I’m Phil Hampton.  In 2010 I founded The Comic Academy to help people in the comic book industry promote themselves and their work effectively, and to spread the awareness of the need for marketing skills in a comic creator’s arsenal.

Along the way I’ve interviewed some of the most successful comic and webcomic creators around, gained praise for my articles from all corners of the industry, and built a large, loyal following.

I have now left behind 18 years in the corporate environment and make a positive difference to the lives of comic creators and publishers through The Comic Academy.

Today I mentor comic book writers, artists and publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, who want to know how to attract a loyal fanbase and make money from their work.

Here are a few words from some of the people who have had at least one mentoring session from me:

Marieke Valstar

“Being mentored by Phil is great! He has extensive knowledge of the comics industry and he has given me excellent advice. By asking me the right questions, Phil has helped me to focus and move my comic forward. If you are serious about going into the comics business, be sure to check out how Phil can help you do this.”

Terrence Hodges

“Phil, you’ve helped me tremendously in such a short span of time. You’ve given me the boost and direction I’ve always needed and I’m glad to have you in my corner! I can’t thank you enough. Your advice should be mandatory!”

Brian Beardsley

“I have only been using Phil’s consulting services for a month and I already feel and see my improvement. Many benefits to having a coach that is knowledgeable in the comics industry to motivate and keep me on track.”

George Lentino

“Phil was incredibly generous with his time as we spent the session discussing all aspects of my business. He was insightful, and his advice was right on target for what I needed to do to push my business forward. Thanks Phil!”

Joe Corallo:

“Phil makes giving advice look easy. Having talked with him before I can honestly say that his ability to hear out the problems you’re facing and quickly turn around with a realistic strategy to combat it is uncanny.”

Justin Martin

“The mentoring session exceeded my expectations! While I expected to receive some good advice, I was really impressed by the amount of thoughtfulness and consideration regarding my project and specific goals that went into his advice. Everything about the session was top-quality, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in creating comics.”

Mark C. Turner:

“Great call Phil! Useful info to keep me and the project tight and on track. Here’s to finding creative success! I truly believe that what you do provides timely, relevant and practical solutions for those who seriously want to create comics.”

Carolyn Belefski – Creator of Curls Webcomic :

“I really appreciate Phil offering this resource. It was great to get fresh eyes on my comic strip site and his review was interesting from a first-time viewing perspective. Phil’s advice gets you to think about not only your content, but your interaction with the readers. Thank you, Phil.”

Niki Leonard:

“The informative session with Phil Hampton was quite beneficial to helping me gain some knowledge about building my own website. Although I was in the beginning stages of this process, Phil was able to give me great links to websites that exemplified my field of interest as well as explained certain websites that could help me launch my artwork such as wordpress and comicpress. The time spent communicating was very impactful and such a great help. Thanks Phil!!

Ryan Doyle (Writer/Porcelain Dolls Book):

“The business of comic books now seems wilder than the wild wild west, but Phil has marketing comic books by the reins. Listen to him, grab a hold, it’s going to be a hell of a ride.”

How does working with Phil make a difference to me and my comic business or career?

What we end up working on together is entirely up to you and your present circumstances. You may be just starting out and need to focus on some “quick-wins” to build both your cash flow and your confidence.

You may have been working in comics for a few years and feel frustrated by your lack of consistent paid work, or the difficulty in building your readership.

Whatever stage you are at, we can work out what needs working on first and help you form a clear action plan to achieve it.

Here are just some of the topics that you may want to focus on:

  • Creating a clear and focused strategy for success in the comic industry
  • Clearly identifying your target readers
  • Finding the right keywords to drive traffic to your site via search engines
  • Maximising your website’s look and feel to encourage visitors to stay longer, come back time and again, and recommend it to their friends
  • Developing and creating your core products and merchandise
  • Writing an effective pitching letter, and deciding the work to best accompany it.
  • Coming up with simple weekly action lists so you know what you should be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to win more clients
  • Creating an effective strategy for marketing your work at a comic convention
  • Improving your pricing structure to improve your profitability
  • Getting to grips with social media and integrating it in to your current marketing activities
  • Discussing website and email newsletter options and which solution would be the most effective for your business
  • Developing a clear vision for your business or career and road-mapping your next 12-24 months to make it easier to know which projects to work on next

How much does a mentoring session cost?

A mentoring session with me usually costs $200 (£128).

But for a limited time, you can claim an hour’s mentoring with me for just $99 (£63).

Remember – this is an investment in YOU, as well as your career or business (and if you are selling comics or merchandise, make no mistake, you are running a business).

Just one hour of mentoring can give you the clarify, focus and motivation that could save you weeks of wasted time and effort, whilst increasing your income.  That is what has happened with many of those whom I have mentored.

If, after the session, you feel that you would like to continue with mentoring, we can discuss the various options for single or multiple sessions.

How do I arrange a mentoring session with Phil?

Simply email me at: info<at>thecomicacademy<dot>com, with a subject header of ‘Mentoring’.

In the email, please let me know your answer to the following question‘What is currently your biggest challenge in the comic book industry?’

I will then get in touch to arrange your one-hour mentoring session.

Thank you for your interest in working with me and I look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Hampton

Founder – The Comic Academy